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Beauty Is Not Value

Beauty Is Not Value

A a woman, a mother of a daughter, a step mother of two daughters I can not keep quiet. My daughters value is not based on what they look like. They don't need to be super models to be worthwhile. In fact I have taught them to never rely on their looks because beauty fades, it's frivilous and empty. Anytime they have said that they want to be beautiful or popular I have told that they have to believe they are beautiful, be kind, smile more and be confident. Once they believe it, live it and accept their flaws they will be beautiful. It can be hard to shut the others voices out, the ones that try to prey on your insecurities but you have to.

Junior High is probably the hardest time of a girls life, the other girls find your flaws and they emphasize them, they brutalize you relentlessly. As a 45 year old woman I know the whole picture, Ive been to school reunions and even talked to my bullies. I know that it is not about you but about them, thier insecurities that make them so mean and the immaturity to deal with those insecurities. I am however having an extremely difficult time listening to a grown ass man, a father of daughters, that is asking to hold the highest office in America resorting to behavior of a jr high girl.

Lets address the elephant in the room, the statement that Melania is going to be a traditional first lady like Jackie O'. Here is a bit of advice, off the top of my head, ask yourself 'what would Jackie O do' now when your husband mean tweets a woman, lashing out by insulting the way a woman looks ask yourself that question. Jackie wasn't a traditionally beautiful woman, she didn't change her appearance to be more beautiful. It was the way she could draw you in, her disarming manner that made people want to protect her. She was graceful, warm and intelligent. The Audrey's, Jackie O's and Grace Kelley's of the world, those of you that want to be as amazing as these women it begins with you. The story you weave is your legacy and when your beuaty fades, as beauty does your legacy will live on as vibrant and beautiful as ever.

I am more then what I look like, my daughter is more then what she looks like and you are more then what you look like. Beauty fades, beauty can be bought and sold. It has no character or soul. It doesn't contribute to society or excuse poor behavior. I implore you to stand up and say 'I will not be valued by my appearance but how I live, who I am and how I affect the world I live in'. This isn't about polotics but about being a mother, a champion of women and extremely proud to be a women. So I'm not a super model, does that really make my value less? We don't judge men by their appearance but apparently we judge them on how beautiful their wives are. How do we tell our daughters that they should not give their bullies the power to make them feel like less with all of this shitty rhetoric spewing out of a Presidential canidate because I have to tell you Im not sure that the 12 yr old watching it will listen to you when you tell them beauty is overrated.

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Women are leaving the Republican Party, they are losing touch with the female voter and that is a huge mistake.
, 05/31/2016

*** Reply To: , 05/31/2016
I absolutely agree with you, this year is going to be the year of the woman
Carrie Licata , 02/13/2018