Fashion is what you have, Style is who you are.

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Daily Tip: What Is Style and How Do You Get It

Daily Tip: What Is Style?

Style is not about a closet full of designer clothes, it's not about being a size 4, being young or having perfect features. Style is about something much deeper, its the way you walk into a room, a warm smile and that sparkle in your eye. It's knowing what you like and wearing what you feel confident in not what you think you should wear. It's being the girl that walks into the cocktail party wearing her boyfriends white button down shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of pumps because that is who she is and she doesn't worry about what other people will think of her or making sure page 6 does a write up on her. She is cool and walks into a room like she owns it, unaware of the stares of judgement because she isn't wearing a Chanel dress or Manolo's.

To perfect style you need to stop worrying about fashion and fitting in, you should stand out from the crowd and be true to yourself. Be rebellious if you don't like wearing dresses don't wear them, wear a tuxedo or jeans because you will shine if you feel good. Confidence will make you walk into that room and own it. Let the focus be on you not some piece of fashion, take a page from Emmanuelle Alt's book. Clothes, hair and makeup should not over power you because style is who you are, how you affect the people you come into contact with. You want to be beautiful but also approachable, you want to look sophisticated but without giving up your 'girl next door' appeal. Skip the 2 hour updo, 1 hour makeup application and catch up on current events so you can carry on an intelligent, insightful conversation because this is what you want them to remember when you leave not some crazy fashion trend.

Do's and Don'ts:

Never wear something that you are not comfortable in. There is nothing sophisticated about having to wiggle or tug at your clothes.

Laugh, smile and have fun, people will like to be around you.

If you can't walk in 6 inch platforms, very few people can, wear a kitten heel or flat. You want to glide into a room not look like a football player in heels.

Don't get drunk, stick to one or two drinks.

Keep your responses positive, no one wan't to listen to you complain about your life, job or lack of a personal life.

Remember peoples names including wait staff and acknowledge them by name.

LISTEN, listening is one of the most important things about conversation. Be engaged, ask questions and show actual interest in what they are saying.

NEVER get into heated debates about politics or religion. You don't have to agree with their views and never be so arragant that you feel you need to change their views. Politely get out of the discussion. Some key phrases ' I see this is very important to you , although I do not share them I can see you have put a lot of thought into your argument and I respect your opinion ' or 'I admire your passion.

Never ever talk about how much something cost or how much money you have.

Always be kind, avoid mean gossip and snarky comments. Remember if you don't have something nice to say don't say anygthing at all.

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