Fashion is what you have, Style is who you are.

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How I Found Out Who I Was
After spending the past year working on this blog, going through a lifestyle change and trying to de clutter my life I have learned who I am and what works for me.  I have found easy, classic and minimalist style works best for me, it is an accurate voice of who I am.  Style is about who you are, they way you live and how you see the world.  What you wear is the way you quietly tell the world who you are.  We are constantly beaten with a barrage of magazines, images of celebrities on the red carpet and advertisers telling us what we should like.  After awhile it is hard to determine what you like vs. what you are told you should like. What I did this past year was figure out who I am and what I like.  

Because I was documenting what I wore and what I liked it became clear that probable 70% of my wardrobe was not working for me.  They were nice things but just not working for me, I would wear them and something just wasn't right.  I didn't feel 'good' in them, something i hadn't noticed before but like I said I am looking at things with fresh eyes and from a different point of view.  I haven't changed the core of what I like but the execution of what I like.  I do like statement pieces and mixing items together that don't typically belong together.

Leather with Silk

Masculine with Feminine

High Fashion with Classic Fashion

Casual Pieces with Evening Pieces

I have found I prefer neutrals or bright colors and load prints but I do like statement necklaces in bright colors and scarves in loud prints.  My clothes are the canvas and the accessories are the paint so I look at trends differently. A bag, a scarf and maybe a jacket can give you that look of the trend without having to give up who you are.  You can still wear trends even when you get older you just have to do it in a different way but no worries you don't have to stay away from loud crazy colors for too long.  I think when you hit 70 you can be as wild as you want and the wilder the better, think Iris Apfel.

Find out who you are before you allow other people tell you what you should buy, wear or like.
Fashion is just clothes, Style is who you are.

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