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"Reality" Star There is NO Privacy,Think About it
My daughter watches that Kardashian show, actually she records them and watches them after school. Well today I can hear it while I am making dinner and I have to say I am one of those that does not understand the draw this family has.  Seriously they don't exactly have amazing personalities Kim is fairly blah and the other sister (with all of the kids) is like watching paint dry.  I told my daughter she keeps that guy around because without him she wouldn't be on the show at all. So back to it, I get them mixed up(Kylie and Kendal) but the one that isn't a model is complaining that reporters are asking about her lips. She doesn't think she should have to explain having her lips done. Whoa did I just hear that? She doesn't want to have to answer personal questions? HMM
Wake up call kid you are a 'reality' star in other words the only reason you are famous is because you and your entire family have decided to open your lives for entertainment.  At what point did you think you should have a private life?  Of course you can choose to have a private life you just need to stop filming it. You could choose to live a normal life and hold down a real job but something tells me that is not exactly what you really looking for.  You can't just decide what reality you want to discuss and expect privacy on the things you don't want to discuss.  You also have a responsibility to be honest about your lip injections. Girls were doing this goofing shot glass thing that was bruising their faces because some how they believed that is how she did it.  Im not sure why anyone thought that was a good idea but these are young girls and they 'idolize' this family.
First she is 17 why would anyone be allowing a 17 year old do any plastic surgery whether surgical or fillers? Now millions of teens and preteens think they need lip injections so Kris thank you for that little piece of parenting bliss.  Now she is a 'reality' star and is in a position to influence young girls all over the world and she shows them that if you want to be beautiful you have to (the list of lies) 1) Line outside the natural lip with 6 different colors to get her lips 2) something about a shot glass and suction 3) the truth lip injections.  Here is my 6 pack arm chair Archie Bunker philosophy ....If you thought it was the right thing to do then you would have just came clean.  We hide what we are ashamed of. 
My two cents if you want privacy don't do a reality show. You can't control what will be ok for the public and what won't after all its 'reality' tv, right? Reality isn't always pretty.

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