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Collagen Hydrolsate Fountain Of Youth?

**Updated after 7 weeks of use**

Collagen Hydrolysate

With having a degenerative disease I am always on the hunt for non prescription ways to combat the damage it is doing to my body and maybe help control some of the symptoms and over the past 5 years I have tried a lot of different things from supplements to diet even essential oils. I came across an article on Collagen Hydrolysate and after some research I decided I would give it a try. I just started today so I have no idea if it will do anything at all so for a better review I will have to revisit this in 6 to 8 weeks, anything new you try you really need to give it that time and you have to be consistent. I find that is the hardest thing, the being consistent and patient when we live in an instant gratification society.

What is it:

It is a collagen, amino acid gelatin (this does not gel but other versions do).

It is made from, the one I am using is from Great Lakes and it is made from beef.

Protein powder with 11 grams of protein per serving.

How it works:

After 25 our body slows down the production of certain amino acids needed to promote cell growth and repair connective tissue.

Easily digested, digests in 30 minutes

Support and maintain collagen, the sagging skin on your face is due to lack of collagen

How to use:

Like Hyaluronic Acid the molecule is too large to penetrate your skin so don't waste your money on expensive products with collagen

They recommend 2 rounded tablespoons twice a day mixed in either something cold or hot. It is tasteless and will not change the texture.

Upon further research I find it is suppose to work better in conjuction with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid supplement.

The claims:

Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Anti aging by strengthening skin by increasing collagen for best results use with Vitamin C which also supports collagen in skin

Balance Hormones

Support healthy thyriod function

Repair joint and tissue damage

Aid in digestion issues

Boost immune system

Balance blood sugar

Regulate sleep

Reduce inflammation

May aid in weightloss by satisifying the need to eat

Thicker hair and stronger nails

Side effects:

Per Web MD there do not appear to be any side effects but as usual if you are pregnant or have a disease/illness you may want to contact your doctor first.

Why am I trying this:

If there is even the slightest chance it could help me manage my RSD and it has no known negative effects why not?

I do know from changing my diet that if you really want to see changes in your skin it starts with what you eat. Topical lotions, serums and oils can not penetrate deep enough to have any real effect on your skin.

It is a fact that as we get older our bodies slow down on the production of collagen so if it works, if my body accepts it, it should make at least a minimal difference and a little is better then none.

It's not a new thing that collagen gelatin will strengthen your nails and with RSD they will break just by rubbing them on a table so they really need some help.

I will do a full review on my experience with this in 8 weeks


6 Weeks:

The image is of me taken with my iphone. I am not wearing any makeup nor did I alter the picture in any way, I am in my mid 40's and typically would NEVER post a picture of me without at least some makeup, hell I wouldn't walk to mailbox without at least some makeup.

The '11' line has diminished dramatically

My skin is more even and brighter

Appears a little firmer

I have not noticed any difference with my pain nor is my range of motion any better in my shoulders

I have not lost weight(which I did not expect to) but I am less bloated

7 Weeks:

One of the 'symptoms' of RSD is thinning skin and weakening of nails. My nails have been paper thin for 5 years, so thin that I couldn't even file them. They never grow to the point of having any white and would split down the middle or rip off from any contact even running my fingers thru my hair.

Today I have major changes in my nails, they are growing and they are strong enough to be filed. They are not perfect or as good as they were before RSD but the difference is huge.

The skin on my hands is plumper and does not appear as thin.

In general my skin is retainer moisture and I am using less lotion which is probably why my wrinkles seem to have diminished and skin is firmer.

My jaw line and neck seem fuller/firmer.

My hair is growing faster and it is thicker, I was getting haircuts every 6 to 8 weeks but now I need haircut at 4 weeks but hair can do that so I am not jumping to the idea that the collagen powder has anything to do with that. I think I would need another month or two to make a better assumption.

I have not noticed any difference in my pain levels.

I have not noticed any difference in the range of motion in my shoulders

I have not noticed any weight loss, again I am not expecting to. Losing weight is about burning more calories than you eat there is no magic pill or powder, sorry.

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I'm interested on your take after 8 weeks, kinda on the fence on this
, 11/13/2015

I hope it works so I can get it!!!!!
, 11/13/2015