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Dr Phil are you Seriously Pedaling Youth Now?

I am so tired with all of these celebrities, big buisness beauty brands and fly by night companies that say Dr OZ endorses. It has gotten so bad that Paris government stepped in after an ad was ran with Rachel Wiez that was grossly over photo shopped. Essentially a lie and I would think at some point someone is going to sue one of these companies for false advertising. As a society we spend thousands of dollars on anti aging because we are constantly being told beauty has an expiration date. We are scared of aging so we are easy pray for these companies. 

This one, this one has me angry on two different levels and is just riduculous. I don't know if any of you have seen Dr Phil's wife but she has had a lot of work done. She has pillow face and if this is not from botox or surgery half of her mouth is off. Personally I am not a fan of any of these tv doctors they seem to me to be all smoke and mirrors. Honestly the people he gets on his show are one step above Springer, mayve 2 steps. They are no longer doctors now they are entertainers. Well at the end of the Dr Phil's show his wife comes up to talk with a guest that has kids, work no time you know motherhood and proceeds to talk to her about the importance of skincare.

Honestly, is she really talking to someone about skincare as if she were an expert? If she had that conversation with me I would be offended. Her 'skincare' 'anti aging' routine comes from an MD to the extreme. Wait, here is what made me angry she has a skincare line called Revalation which she is generously giving the guest a years supply. I know what you are thinking she is using her husbands show to sell her snake oil but I am sure that wasn't the case. It was a coincidence that Dr Phil brought this guest on at the end of the show and it just so happened the guest was not taking care of her skin. The mother stated she is aging prematurely so out comes Robin and her over worked, over done 100k face giving this woman advice.

Let's go a little deeper, Dr Phil is a self proclaimed "Get Real" no nonsense shoot from the hip cowboy doctor has a wife that is having issues with aging. He is suppose to be a champion for valuing ourselves as more than what we have or what we look like. I am surprised that the producers haven't said to him that it isn't the best idea to have his wife push her own agenda. Isn't he perpetuating bad self image? It doesn't take a genious to see something isn't quite kosher with this whole thing. Wouldn't a doctor be concerned with the amount of surgery and work she has had done? As a doctor wouldn't you want to find out what the core issue is that has her feeling she needs to make these drastic changes to her appearance?

My issue with these youth pushing pedalors is they tell us beauty has an expiration date that getting older means we are unappealing and being pushed out of society. I am not buying it and I emplore you to do the same. Looking plastic and puffy should be the issue not a few laugh lines. My favorite thing I have found to date in the differences between our culture and the French woman is how they view today and age. "Enjoy the face you have today because in 10 years it will be the face you wish you had" so stop worrying about getting older and enjoy today because you are beautiful at any age.

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