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Julia Roberts Doesn't Look Like Julia Roberts

We page through our March fashion magazines as we are slammed with anti aging ads. Julia Roberts and her perfectly smooth, radiant and even toned skin taunting us 'for just 700 you to can look this perfect'. Heres the thing we are intelligent we know the picture has been altered and photoshopped yet we are still obsessed with looking like that ad and the reality is not even Julia looks like that ad.

In 2009 and ad featuring Rachel Wiess came out that was seriously altered. A French politician began his fight to force these companies to put a warning on an image stating that it has been photoshopped. The fight is due to the affect these images have on young girls. Truth be told it aren't they designed to make us feel inadequate to sell their product? Now Germany and Isreal have joined the fight for a little truth in advertising.

The French ad companies don't completely remove all of the wrinkles. Maybe French woman are more savvy than we are or, as I have written about before, don't view aging as taking away your beauty. Maybe its that they have a healthier view on what makes them beautiful. The same ads in America remove every line and mark because we, yes we, associate beauty only in youth. We live in a society that is obsessed with perfection and youth.

We need to accept age as a fact of life not the end of being beautiful. Why can't you be beautiful or sexy at 65? Save your money there is no magic cream, oil or serum that will make you look 20 again. With age come sophistication, you can't be sophisticated at 20. With age you learn what works for you because you know who you are. Thats an elegance that you have to earn. Stop before you make that emotional purchase to look like some ficticous version of some celebrity or model in a campaign. It won't work instead purchase a photoshop program and do what they did remove any and all signs of age, change your skin texture and skin tone.

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