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Even You Can Wear Fall's Red Lip

With the 90's fashion having it's moment so is the dramatic statement lip. Typically I do not do makeup trends because I really don't wear a lot of it and when I try to I end up feeling silly looking but this trend is one that I actually like and it's easy to do. Here is what I have found, the 'rules' need to be broken. Typically I per every makeup artist out there they would say I need a blue red with my skin tone and when I was in my 20's that was the shade on me but now in my 40's I find that orange reds look better. So don't rule colors out before you try them and don't shy away from a brighter color because it can give you a more youthful appearance.

You need to exfoliate your lips and make sure they are not dry or chapped or the red won't wear well.

To exfoliate you can just make a mixture of honey and sugar and gently rub in circles

A soft toothbrush gently in small circles will work to exfoliate your lips

Bite Lip Masque at night is a MUST, I love it. With my medications my lips have become very dry and this really works

Rosebud Salve the miracle, multipurpose and affordable

The trend for the reds is everything from Pinker Reds to Brown Reds to the severe Burgundy lip of the 90's.

Orange Red:

Stila Lip Balm in Valentina is bold but also a bit sheer and it has the most amazing cooling almost tingle that instantly moisturizes your dry lips


Chanel in Gabrielle is an orange red, not as bright as the Stila. This is probably my favorite red lipstick

Brick (Earthier with a brown base) Reds this is a more nuetral base and should work on everyone:

Bobbi Brown in Brick Red will also treat your lips to Vitamin C, E and beeswax

Marc Jacobs Creme Lipstick in Toasted Brick is a nice long wearing lipstick without being drying

Blue (cooler) Reds:

Tip: Blue reds actually make teeth look whiter

                                                                                                                  Nars Velvet Matte in Dragon Girl

Gucci in Imperial Red is that iconic blue red

Nars Velvet Lipstick in Cruella, my favorite Disney character of all time.

Burgundy Lip of the 90's was actually one of my favorite looks back then and was perfect for me with my very fair skin but I am not in my 20's anymore so a bit too drastic. You can still do this lip just in a different shade with a softer burgundy


Chanel L' Adoree is my favorite it is more mauveish burgundy. This is a color that will actually make your lips look fuller

Laura Mercier Stick Gloss in Black Orchid is sheer so it won't be too harsh and it is a moisturizing lipstick. I don't know about you but I need all the help I can get in the winter with my chapped lips.

Just Get Your Toes Wet Shades or for the girl that really never wears color. 

Lipstick Queen in Saint is a great sheer pinker red that would look good on anyone it has a more natural look with a hint of the red.

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