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All Day Summer Makeup

The time is upon us of warmer weather, longer days and spending more time outside. It's been a long winter. I was just in Mexico with the average temperature of 85 so I did try several different techniques for day makeup and found one that seemed to last the day and looked the most natural. I am in my 40's, not an avid or talented makeup artist so the goal is just to look awake and radiant (translate- look younger)


Sunscreen is a must I like Super Goop sunscreen serum

Vitamin C serum.  Flavo C is my favorite it gives you an instant glow and has a coffee smell to it. It works my increasing circulation in your skin and protects you from free radicals. Never buy a large bottle of Vitamin C serum because the minute you open it, it starts becoming less effective.

Apply a dry oil, like Nuxe, to get that more youthful glow if needed. I like to apply an oil let it sit for awhile to soak in and if needed I wipe off what doesn't get soaked in

With a brush apply a cheek stain at the apples of your cheeks and pull it toward your ear and down. Applying slightly above your cheek can give you a little lift. I like Benefit in Tipsy. Putting it on before primer/moisturizer will give you a very natural flushed look (translate-look younger)

Mix a little tinted moisturizer with your primer since it is warmer your makeup can slide off and it is more sheer giving a no makeup look while evening out your color a little. Primer is a must because it gives your makeup something to attach to. I like Laura Mercier in bare radiance for a primer and Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer/Nars tinted moisturizer. Apply 6 dots on your face concentrating on the Tzone area and blend with a large fluffy brush in circular motion for a more natural look

If you are an avid bronzer wearer using Laura Mercier bronze radiance primer will give you the effect of a bronzer but it will look more natural. You want to stay away from powders they can age you, they look less natural and it wears better

Any areas you will be using concealer apply a little powder to the area first then apply a light amount of concealer it will help keep the concealer in place. Do not try to cover your face with concealer just a couple things that bother you. The idea is to still look like you.

Dry Concealer for age spots or other marks on your face one shade lighter than your skintone. Remember as it mixes with the oils in your skin it will darken. I like Laura Mercier Secret Concealer.

Sheer Concealer in a pink hue for under eyes in a triangle toward your cheek. My favorite is YSL

If you feel your brows need a lift apply the sheer pink conclear/pink highlighter under your brow and slightly higher on the the top of the brow it will create an illusion of an eye lift.


Since you will most likely be wearing sunglasses it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend a lot of time on your eye makeup but don't forget your brows. Use a light color powder to fill in your brows too dark could age you and I use a brow gel in copper. My favorite is Anastasia for brows. Use a light hand. Too light or too dark can age you.

If you need to you can use an eye crayon, like clinique's chubby stick one shade darker than your natural skin tone and apply only to the crease of your eyes. It will create an illusion that will open up your eyes. Again blend so it is not noticable with a brush. I use a pink/bronze color.

Eyeliner is too harsh for during the day and again most of the time you will be wearing sunglasses so it really isn't needed but you can use a waterproof mascara to help define your eyes. Start by curling your eye lashes and at the root of your lashes wiggle the mascara wand into the lash line it will give the effect of using eyeliner but will appear natural. For the bottom lashes just lightly hit the tip of the eyelashes. I use a brown mascara for the day it looks more natural and is warmer than black

I have lost color and volume in my lips so going without is not an option. I like the Nars velvet lip crayon and use a color about 2 shades darker than my natural lip color You can apply slightly outside of your lip line.which gives an illusion of fuller lips and looks natural.

I skip powder it tends to settle in places that well do not translate younger. A setting spray is the best and can be used through out the day to waken up your complexion and freshen up your makeup. You can buy one (Urban Decay Cooling setting spray is nice) or you can make one.

DIY Setting Spray

Rose water (calming and anti inflammatory)

Distilled water or for a more cooling effect make a cucumber water

A few drops of frankiense oil (increase circulation in skin)

A few drops of lavendar oil (calming and anti inflammatory)

A few drops of cypress oil (firms your skin)

A few drops of neroli oil (calming, healing and improves cell turnover)

I love this spray and you can play with it and find what works best for you but it does give you a more radiant (youthful) look. Don't forget to spray your neck and declogate as these areas can show your age.

This was the technique that not only lasted all day but gave me a 'no makeup' look. Actually my daughter and mother both thought I was not wearing any makeup and my mother was very interested in what my new skincare routine was. It seems more complicated and time consuming than it is. It only took 5 minutes to apply this look

Shop the Story

Flavo C serum, Super Goop, rose water and oils can be purchased at Amazon.

Dry oil Nuxe is good and affordable can be found at Sephora

Laura Mercier, Clinique, YSL, Nars and Anastasia are all available at Sephora or other fine department stores

Benefit is available at Ulta

Mascara is a product that I choose not to spend too much money on I just don't see enough difference to make it worth it.

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