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Perfect Beach Vacation Makeup

With age comes wisdom and a realization of what is and isn't important. Our happiness is not determined by a good hair day or flawless makeup. I am also more confident and don't feel the need to look perfect or hide the way I look. It really is a good feeling to no longer need to look like someone else or try to be perfect I wish I know this when I was younger. In a couple of days I am headed to Mexico for 2 weeks so I am packing and editing. I don't want to have to deal with a lot of luggage so I am doing a lot of editing. Makeup and skincare also need to be stream lined. 

It is hard to skimp on skincare after all no amount of makeup will make your skin look healthy so skincare is truly more important than makeup. For skincare I will transfer what I need to smaller travel size containers to reduce the space. Makeup can definitely be edited and since this is a beach vacation too much makeup is just wrong. I am not big on makeup and am completely unskilled in the art of makeup. I don't contour or do any complicated eye shadow applications. I have tried but in the end it just doesn't look right on me which is fine with me I really don't like to spend a lot of time on hair and makeup i just don't enjoy it. My goal is 3 minute face for day and maybe a ten minute face for the evening

Day Makeup:

Moisturizer look for one with spf. Clinique's city block with spf of 50 is my favorite because it won't make your tinted moisturizer or primer pill.

If you are wanting to use concealer or a tinted moisturizer you need to use a primer. Primer will give the concealer something to hold on to otherwise it will slide off. Laura Mercier primer in radiance or bronze radiance is my favorite. In the warmer temperature I recommend storing your primer in the fridge.

Only if you really need it use a tinted moisturizer but concentrate on the t zone and blend upward. You should never try to hide everything you don't like about your face especially those freckles. They are what makes you, you.

Concealer where you need it but don't try to hide who you are one. My favorite is Laura Merciers secrete concealer, it is a dry concealer so do not use it under your eyes. TIP oil free products will darken as they mix with the oils on your face so adjust for that by going slightly lighter than your skin. For my eyes I may use a liquid concealer in a pink hue or a peach hue but Its the day time so I will be wearing sunglasses so typically I just let it go.

Blush will give you a healthy glow especially if you opt for a flushed look and use a cream or a gel blush so you see your skin under your blush. Powder can be too much for the heat and bright sun and powder can settle and be unflattering. If you have cool tones stick with pink and peach is a great color for those of you that have warm tones. Stila, Bobby Brown, Jose Marran and benefit are all great choices

I will be on the beach wearing sunglasses and a hat so eye makeup is an act in futility but I do need a little definition. The most I will do is use a waterproof brown mascara sparingly and when I apply I will push it into my lash line to define the lash line without eyeliner.

Eyebrows are extremely important they can make you look younger and polished without having to be overdone. I love Anastasia brow powder and gel its easy to do and looks natural. For day time don't go crazy, too dark and the effect could age you. Use only the lighter shade of the powder and quickly with a light touch fill in your brow. Then I apply the brow gel. I am a redhead and for the gel I like the copper it adds dimension and looks very natural.

Lipstick is another one of those things that can give you a younger look if done right and it protects you from the sun. I start with using a sugar scrub and lightly exfoliate my lips followed by a lip moisturizer. For color I just want to go one to two shades darker than my natural lip color. I prefer a darker nude pink color as we get older the nude lip of our 20's looks funny and does nothing for you. I like the ease of lip crayons like Nars they pull double duty lip liner and lip color.

I finish it with a spritz of a facial mist/make setting spray. I make my own you can find the recipe under natural skincare. I will spritz through out the day with my diy spray because adding carrot seed oil will make it a natural sunscreen and the rose water will give you a healthy glow.

NO POWDER it will not wear well in the heat and matte skin will age you.

Night Makeup:

I do the same steps as the day look adding tinted moisturizer to even out my skin tone and the blush will be the same or I may warm it up by going using a color with more peach than pink

Since I will not be wearing sunglasses I will do a little more. I use just a single eye shadow apteral this is my vacation and who wants to spend that much time getting ready? I use an eye shadow that is slightly darker than my skin tone I really like Clinique's chubby stick eye shadow it is easy to apply and the color is sheer. I will apply to bottom lashes for a no makeup smoky eye look.

If I am feeling I need a little more definition I will sightline the upper lashes. Tight lining is down at the root of your lashes from under not the top like you would regularly apply eyeliner. This is a subtle way to create definition without looking overly made up. My favorite is Laura Mercier in Bleu Marine get the sightline brush it makes it VERY easy to apply. The end result makes your lashes look fuller and the blue brightens the whites of your eyes giving you a brighter, wide open look.

Brows, brows, brows. I will use the lighter color and the darker color along with the copper gel. For night I will go darker than I did for the day but not too dark or you risk looking older and a little like Joan Crawford. The goal is to look soft and natural.

If I need it I may apply a translucent powder. I put a VERY small amount of powder on to the powder puff and then fold it up like a taco and rub it in then I will roll and press where I need it, typically the t zone.

For my lips I may use the same from the day or I will use an orange red lipstick for a more dramatic look. Stila makes a great orange red lipstick that pulls double duty as a lip moisturizer and color. Put your lipstick on with your finger you don't want it to look perfect harsh lines will age you. Slightly undone is the best look.

TIP: Rosebud salve is my secret weapon and takes the place of several products beyond lip moisturizer. Put it on your cheeks for a dewy more youthful look. Use it on your lids either alone or over shadow. Use it on your face to freshen up your makeup, it also helps if you notice that makeup is settling in all of the wrong places. Put it on your cuticles. Put some on your hands and run it thru your hair to control frizz and add shine.

HAIR: Get a good haircut the week before you leave. A good haircut doesn't have to be blown dry, straightened or curled it is wash and go. Movement slightly messy hair will take years off of your face. To do that you need a great hair stylist that needs to know how your hair lays naturally so it can be cut to work with what you have. Perfect hair can actually age you. Hair that is slightly messy will soften your face and soft natural looking hair is actually very sexy. Men do not appreciate heavy makeup or overdone hair. Take a cue from Jackie O and use a scarf on your head its fun, easy and protects your hair from the sun.

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