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Daily Tip: Forgiveness Is A Selfish Act

Forgiveness is a selfish act, it doesn't change their life it changes your life. To forgive someone is not going to obsolve them or improve their quality of life. So why do we need to forgive? When you forgive you let go of your pain, you take back your life and you allow yourself to move forward. You don't have to let them back into your life in fact you are actually getting them out of your life.  If you have been wronged whether it is minor or criminal you carry this act, sometimes forever. It infects every aspect of your life and in time it could destroy you. It can rob you of ever finding happiness, destroy relationships and eventually effect your health.  When you forgive you aren't saying what they did was ok instead you are saying is this will no longer effect me. You are saying 'I will give you no more time, I will no longer allow you to effect the quality of my life or define myself by your actions'. 

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