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Daily Tip: If You Don't Love It Get Rid Of It

Daily Tip: If You Don't Love It Get Rid Of It

We have this need to have a lot of stuff so we hang on to things we don't love because we think we need it. You can live with less stuff in fact you will probably be happier with less. If it makes you sad get it out of your home! Only surround yourself with things you love because you deserve it. Your home should be your sanctuary, a reflection of who you are. A simplified closet can make the difference of a good day or a bad day.


Get rid of all things that are broken

Get rid of clothes that don't fit

Having too many choices is stressful

If you don't use it and haven't for years get rid of it

If you have duplicates get rid of one

You don't need a lot of furniture, you just need things that you love so don't hold onto things because you can't replace it. You can save for something new and getting rid of the old may motivate you to save. Have a garage sale or call a consignment store and sell it, use that money for something you actually want

If it brings back memories that don't make you happy get it out of your house

Clutter is not peaceful, declutter and reduce stress

Hint: Sell the clothes/bags/shoes/etc you either don't wear or that don't fit and use that money to buy things you will actually wear. Hand to God I have made well over 1000.00 and still have more to sell, I use that money to buy myself something i love

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