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Fake It Till You Make It

Again this is worth repeating, fake it until you make it. Smile even when there is nothing to smile about. I was talking to my mom about this and she says she read an article or a study on smilling and how it can help ease depression. Someting to do with hormones released but again I didn't read the article or perform any studies on this all I can tell you is I believe in state of mind. I believe happiness is a choice not a right. Bad things will happen to you I guarantee it and you will have to choose to either victimize yourself or rise above it.

I can promise you that the victim route is not fun, it will not fix your situation in fact that mentality will send you free falling down that rabbit hole. People will only feel sorry for you for a short period of time then they start to distance themselves from you. It won't be there fault it will be self preservation that drives them away.

People are confused on Karma and what it is actually about. It is not revenge for you being wronged. It is not about how people treat you. All of those bumper stickers imply Karma is a bitch would make you think it is about the people that wrong you but that is not what karma is. Karma is about you, the energy you put out there. Be positive and happy and you will get that energy back. Be a victim, sad or angry and that is what you will get back. It makes sense,right? If I approach you with a smile and ask you to help me the response is typically positive but if I approach you angerly and tell you to do something the response is drastically different.

If you want to be happy, then by all means be happy. If you have to fake it and force yourself to smile and socialize then fake it. If you have to force yourself to get dressed then so be it. I recommend wearing something that makes you happy and confident. Oh confidence, same deal as happiness. If you want to be confident you are going to have to believe in yourself and your abilities because if you don't why should I. Which brings me to something I told my daughter if you want to be beautiful you have to beilieve it because if you don't believe you are beautiful why should anyone else. After all you are the expert on who you are so your opinoin carries the most weight. People like to be around happy confident people. People do not like to be around angry, sad, selfpitting victims. We ALL have pain, we ALL have obsticales, we ALL have problems and issues so expecting people to feel sorry for you is not going to happen. Save yourself because no one else will. There are no Knights in shinning armour or people handing out perfect lives. Not everyone will like you and you will not like everyone either and its ok the world won't stop spinning. You can't make everyone happy the trick is to be able to not allow it to affect you. Clue the word is allow that means if it does affect you that is something you control. It is not easy but you can change how you handle these little bumps in the road. The only person that can save you is the one you see in the mirror.

Tip: Get a mantra.  Something you repeat in your head. It helps.

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