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Be Happy Wear Yellow

If you are looking to update your Spring wardrobe I suggest going for the color trend, yellow. There are several shades of yellow so you can wear yellow it just needs to be a shade that flatters you. Yellow is a happy color so why wouldn't you do it? It is bold there are several options of shade from bold/loud to softer lemon to a mustard shade making it wearable for every skin tone or effect. If you are still hesitant to wear a sunny, happy yellow dress look for accessories.   

Color is a great way to change up your wardrobe and your mood. How could you possibly be sad in a yellow sun dress? It is a 'power' color so you will not fade into the background. It takes confidence to wear yellow and it definitely says 'look at me' which can actually help you feel confident. You won't have to work too hard at getting people's attention. I have used red for years when I needed to give a speech or get the attention of upper management. As Donna Karan said 'dress to be the woman you want to be' and who doesn't want to be happy?

How to add the Yellow trend to your wardrobe:

I love these taxi shoes from Kate Spade for 278.00 SHOP

This Longchamp tote is perfect for a day of shopping or running to the farmers market for 145.00 SHOP


A classic cut makes this Ralph Lauren dress work appropriate or a summer wedding for 198.00 SHOP

Date night to a garden party this Eliza J beaded maxi is perfect for 198.00 SHOP


Yellow capris with a white tee or for a bolder look pair with a colbalt top for 59.90 SHOP

A cardigan is an easy way to update your work wardrobe for 79.00 and additional 25% off SHOP

Additional ways to add yellow to your wardrobe:

Skinny belt


Statement Necklace/Earings


For a more classic look pair with tan, white, grey or black

For a bolder look pair with navy, red, green or colbalt blue

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