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How to Update Your Closet with the Pantone Colors for Spring

As you know every season all the buzz in fashion is the Pantone colors of the season that you have to run out and get. Before you jump on the band wagon make sure the color will even look good on you. Marsala may be the biggest color of the season but if it doesn't look good on you it won't matter how 'high' fashion it is. You can research color/season charts you want and that may work for you but I prefer to just hold the color close to my face. The color/season chart has been around forever and I am not sure it is accurate as we change our hair color, skin tone (sunless tanners) and age washes us out. Again it is old and it is a rule so it must be broken whenever possible.

The colors are softer, less bright and warmer for Spring. The boldest brightest color is the classic blue which is a softer warmer colbat blue. I do love the colors for spring they are more sophisticated and will be easy to add to your capsule wardrobe. Take your time and figure out what colors you are wanting to add to your wardrobe. I would only pick 3 colors anymore than that is too overwhelming and costly. You don't want to look too trendy, trendy does not say elegant or sophisticated too much and you risk looking cheap.

A great way to add color and update your wardrobe is to use accessories. A great bag or a pair of heels can update everything you own and you will be able to get more value. Remember value equals cost plus wear. Jewelry and scarves are also a great way to add the pantone colors to your wardrobe and easily update your wardrobe. Stores like H&M and Zara are great places to go for trendy items at a cost that won't make you go hungry.

Custard, Marsala, Tangerine. Strawberry Ice, Toasted Almond, Lavendar Herb

Scuba Blue, Aquamarine, Classic Blue, Lucite Green

Shop the Story:

Typically I am insanely against any form of using makeup for a trend but this is the exception Bobbi Brown Raisin Berry $26.00 at Sephora

Shift Dress $68.00 at Keep


A cardigan in lavendar is a great way to update your tired career wardrobe $85.00 at JCrew

This scarf hits all of the blues and the lucite green for only 12.50 at Etsy


A great retro feel bell sleeve jaket in the soft muted yellow will have you covered from work to date night or just uping your style while you run your errands 169.00 at Zara

I do love Toasted Almond but it falls into the camel color so it looks rich, expensive even when it is not. This top is falls into my favorite Fashion style, Minimalist for only 49.00 at Zara

Add Tangerine and Auqua Marine to a white tank for a pop of color and fun for 59.00 at Etsy

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