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Parisian Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe
Parisian, Classic Minimalist

If the ideal (Parisian Women) can wear the same piece more than once in a weekend  so can we. You just have to style it different but this ridiculous obsession to never repeat brought me to a place of owning 6 black pencil skirts. That's just stupid, too much clutter which adds too much chaos to my already chaotic life  so I got rid of 4, only keeping one classic wool and a more casual jersey skirt. Instead of buying in bulk we need to buy just 1, take that money you spent on the 6 and buy a high quality skirt. In the end you will get more use out if something you love, that fits you perfectly and makes you feel good.  We have been programmed to believe that having more means we are successful, the problem is we are constantly craving more and that ‘shopping high’ feeling is short lived while the buyers remorse lingers. 

Beige Long Belted Cardigan by Amour Vert

Black T-Shirt by Amour Vert

Black Pixie by J.Crew  I bought several pairs at an end of season sale for only $20 a pair!

Aviator Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs

Black Bag by Marc Jacobs I don't understand but the bag of choice where I live is either a logo Coach or Michael Kors and I hate it. They spent upwards to $500 to advertise for that brand. They are not style and scream fashion victim. You don't need to scream the brand of your bag, a good quality bag doesn't have to come from a well known brand. Think material, shape and quality not logos!! My rant of the day. 

Rose Gold Watch by Fossil
*Shopping tip: Several years back I was talking with a Michael Kors rep and he told me that Fossil made their watches and several other designer brands. I was looking for a new watch and he steered me towards Fossil, they look exactly the same and he saved me a lot if money. Back to my earlier rant on logo purses. 

Key & Lock Necklaces by unknown  Layer simple necklaces in varying lengths. 

Old School Sneakers by Tretorn (I also love Superga)

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