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Capsule Wardrobe = Always Something To Wear

I have reduced my wardrobe, dramatically only keeping quality basics in mainly neutrals because I'm trying to focus on the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe. I kept some prints and a few colors that look good on me but I kept them to a minimum. I have rebuilt my wardrobe to fit my current lifestyle, not the one I had because it was (is) time to move on and embrace the next chapter. You can't let go of the past if your still clingy on to it.  Being a manager I looked at it like a business. Inventory on your shelves is money, if your not using it your losing money and it's taking up valuable real estate. 

The first thing I did was create a mission statement, any successful business has a clear mission statement and you can't waver on this. I know it's just a closet but it made me stick to my plan making getting rid of things easier. What I did was evaluate my lifestyle, who I am and what works for me than I asked myself ‘does this ____ fit my mission?’.  I may love that Fendi purse but it's falling apart so what does wearing it say about me, how does it fit what I want to convey to people? Clothes that are damaged, ill fitting or just don't look good on you need to go. I don't care what the label is or how much it cost it needs to go!! 

I made sure I have something for any event from formal events to a day at the zoo, I just didn't keep 20 options. I had an abundance of LBD’s so I got rid of the duplicates but kept different shapes. I asked myself how many formal events I have attended in the past 5 years, maybe 2, and only kept a couple of options. I kept the more basic gowns that fit the best and were the best quality. If I really need something I can rent a dress. You should always have a dress for a cocktail party or formal event but unless you are going to these types of events regularly don't waste your money on these types of things. I know I'm wasting money because I got rid of things but that's not the case. 

I have sold my higher end items that were in very good condition on sites like Tradesy and The Real Real or I donated items to different worthy causes. I receive a tax deduction and I get to give a dress to a girl in the foster care system for a dance or help a woman create a new wardrobe to get back into the work force. They are just sitting in my closet collecting dust so why not put them to good use, after all they deserve to be loved by someone. In the end it is better to have less but be surrounded by things you love. 

Beige T-Shirt by James Perse
Black Jersey Skirt by James Perse
Denim Jacket by J.Crew
Sneakers by Treton
Men's Leather Watch by Fossil
Sunglasses by Illesteva 
Market Tote by Madewell 

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